KARIBA develops solutions that solve communication and Information management problems for public and private organizations. Whether the required solution is a voice, video and data communication for a small business on a VSAT link, or an enterprise communication and workflow management system spanning several geographical locations for a major corporation or government agency, KARIBA is committed to delivering the most advanced, practical, reliable and cost-effective solution to its customers.

kariiba-VSAT-Broadband-       kariba-Network-Infrastructure
VSAT & Broadband       Network Infrastructure
KARIBA offers a variety of VSAT
(Very Small Aperture Terminals) solutions to meet your broadband....Read more
      An IT infrastructure is the key to smooth functioning of businesses of any size, and networking forms....Read more
kariba-Wireless & Microwave        kariba-IPTV-Network-
Wireless & Microwave
      Voice & Video
KARIBA's Wireless and Microwave solutions
embrace a broad range of application
areas including
....Read more
      KARIBA provides broadband Voice
over IP and Video Conferencing technologies,
with access to....Read more
kariba-Monitoring-&-Control               kariba-Safety & Security
Monitoring & Control       Safety & Security
KARIBA offers scalable and
customizable tracking, monitoring, and
control solutions for
....Read more
      KARIBA designs and installs complete Safety & Security solutions aimed at providing
maximum protection
....Read more


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